New Light Nepal was founded in 2012 with the vision to see an end to human trafficking. A desire was birthed in the hearts of the New Light Nepal staff to fight against this injustice – only in a different way than many other organizations. Instead of waiting for the traffickers to get to the girls, New Light Nepal aims to help fight for women and children before the traffickers set a trap. New Light Nepal is a ministry designed around the prevention of human trafficking, rather than the rescuing of women.

It has become the dream of New Light Nepal to prevent girls from ever being trafficked. Why not cut the issue off in the beginning, before it ever has a chance to evolve? God began giving them the eyes to see a new dynamic side of this issue of human trafficking, realizing it would more effective and beneficial to invest their time and energy into the prevention of Human Trafficking. In the fall of 2012, New Light Nepal would begin. New Light Nepal started hosting training seminars in communities with high risks of trafficking, bringing awareness and shedding light on the issue of human trafficking. New Light Nepal educates parents and elders in the communities about the causes and effects of trafficking and why they should stand up for their children and young women, by protecting and providing for them. Eventually, New Light Nepal would begin to Sponsor individual girls, schools and communities, providing the financial means to allow education, daily cost of living and medical needs to be taken care of, in the hopes of putting an end to human trafficking. New Light Nepal also sets up workshops for women allowing them to learn trades as well as earn some money for themselves, as well as takes care of costs of basic necessities.

As you can see, God is doing an incredible work in this country. His love and desire for every young woman to be set free is evident and cannot go without notice. New Light Nepal has a passion and desire to bring the light of Christ to the innocent to restore their circumstances and give them the hope and the future that the Lord promises to all.