In Brick Factory, during the day!

story-newlightOur staff Shyam Das is doing wonderful job as a teacher for one of our village schools in Sarlahi Nepal. He had 19 children when he started but now 45 students gather in his village school there. 16 of them are from very poor and destitute family. Most of them used to send their children with traffickers for the hard works. But after we took time to talk with parents they decided not to send remaining children with the traffickers, but ask them to work in the local brick factory. Now they are doing very hard labor in brick factory for their income so that they can continue their study. All of their family members including their younger brothers and sisters are doing same work in brick factory. These children go to work when they are free during the day and they come to class when class starts at evening. But they are very happy to learn for life in our village school. Please pray for their parents to get some livelihood support.

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